Always Healthy & Fit

The Challenge With Most Weight Loss Plans

(Both Exercise & Eating Plans)

Is They Take A Short Term Approach To Wellness…

When True Wellness Is A Lifestyle

Have you lost the same 10, 20, 50, or more pounds over and over again in your adult life?

Are you tired of short-term solutions to weight control and fitness when you know it’s a long-term game?

Are you looking for a truly different solution?

If that’s where you find yourself, then you’re in the right place…

Whether you’ve lost weight and are now looking for some support in keeping it off, or you’re still looking for the right, supportive environment to lose weight in, or if you’re just looking for a community of people where you can get GOOD health and fitness tips instead of hype and the flavor-of-the-month-club type approaches to health and wellness, welcome to “Always Healthy And Fit™”

What Makes “Always Healthy And Fit™” Different?

So many programs and plans for weight loss, health and wellness are great for getting you to your goal weight or giving you a jump start, but they lack follow-through and support after the initial program or plan is complete.

We’re all about helping you maintain and continue to lose weight (if that’s what you desire) and become even healthier…

…for life

…once and for all!

Let’s be real – it’s much easier to maintain a healthy weight than it is to lose weight. And unfortunately, it seems like it’s easier and faster to gain weight than it is to lost it… know what I mean?

And, it certainly is much healthier for you to maintain your weight withing a 3-5-pound range than it is for your weight to yo-yo up and down all the time. Gaining and losing, gaining and losing, gaining and losing – over and over, time and time again.

Who We Are & Why You Should Listen To Us

I’m Diane Conklin and I have a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and a few health and fitness certifications. I was an athlete most of my life and a fitness trainer…and even with all that I sometimes struggled with my weight.

Recently, in a 3-month time period, I lost 37 pounds and made some pretty major changes in my body as well as my eating and exercise habits. I’m keeping the weight off (and losing more) as well as maintaining my healthy eating and fitness regimen. I feel better at 56 than I have in quite a while.

I’ll be providing a lot of the workout tips and fitness information in “Always Healthy & Fit™”, and maybe a few eating tips or recipes…but I’m a pretty basic eater, some might even say boring, so if you’re looking for fun recipes and great tips of healthy snacks and more, you’ll want to tune in for…

I’m Joi Rooks and I have 30 years of experience in the image and beauty industry. I am an Alumni Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader, and a mom to two beautiful daughters that keep me busy! Being a busy professional and mom, I put on a lot of added weight and was definitely not living my best healthy life.

I found a solution that worked for me that was easy and structured (because I needed a plan). I’ve lost 26 pounds. Most importantly, I’ve discovered new, healthy habits that are now my new normal and I’ve kept the weight off…without starving!

Cooking and snacking healthy are two of the things I’ve gotten really good at…and when you have kids and a family, that’s important. I’ll be sharing all that with you! I’ll also be sharing inspirational and beauty tips.

How “Always Healthy & Fit™” Works

At “Always Healthy Anf Fit™” we want you to have what you want and need to get to your ideal fitness and wellness goals. That means you will have a lot of input on what we do and how we grow as we evolve.

It’s pretty simple really, we will share all sorts of health, fitness, wellness, eating tips, stories, recipes and more with you. AND, we’ll take your comments and suggestions to give you more of what you desire so you can reach your goals AND maintain them. “Always Healthy Anf Fit™” is a monthly membership community that you can access for only $19.97 a month. There is no commitment term…that means you can cancel at any time. We hope you’ll stay for a long time because you love what you’re getting – the knowledge, the support, the tips, the recipes, added motivation and more.
It really is that simple!

What You Get With “Always Healthy And Fit™”

Here’s some of what you get as a member of the “Always Healthy And Fit™” community:

  • Weekly Healthy Recipes
  • Weekly Exercise Tips
  • Weekly Health Tips
  • Weekly Healthy Eating Tips
  • Monthly Open Q&A Sessions Where You Can Ask Us Anything
  • Weekly Lives Covering a Variety Of Topics
  • Archives of Everything So You Will Have Access To All The Tips, Exercises, Recipes and More…As Long As Your Membership Is Current
  • Networking With Like-Minded People Who Help Make It Easier For You To Stay On Track With Your Health And Fitness Goals
  • Unbiased Recommendations On Products And Services
  • Preferred Resource List
  • And, Much More…

All of this will be easy for you to access inside our Facebook Group!

How To Become A Member Of  “Always Healthy & Fit™” Works

Becoming a member is easy. Just click on the Join Now button, fill in the information and we’ll send a link to your email so you can access the Facebook group and start benefitin from the group right away.

Always Healthy & Fit – 

PS – For only $19.97 a month you can be on your way to a healthy and fit lifestyle AND you can do it your way! With fune healthy recipes, easy to prepare meals and snacks even if you get home late and don’t feel like cooking, excersize tips, and motivational moments for those times when you’re not really feeling it…it’s all here for you.

PPS – No long-term commitments. If ever you decide you no longer want to be part of our community of supportive and educational tips for living your life in ways that are always fit and healthy, it’s not a problem, you can cancel at any time.